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From initial research, brand strategy and editorial design, to print and shipping.
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Editorial Design
Cover Design

Normal Books entrusted 1XN with the editorial design and book production of their esteemed publication, “The Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies.” This limited-edition catalog aimed to provide readers with comprehensive insights into a select group of cryptocurrencies, their unique features, histories, and their place in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Our role encompassed a wide range of tasks, including editorial design, API scripting, database modeling, and project management, to bring this ambitious project to fruition.

Editorial Design and Database Programming:

To streamline the creation of profile pages for the cryptocurrencies featured in the catalog, we devised a custom solution using a meticulously developed database. Through API integrations, we gathered crucial data such as cryptocurrency names, logos, prices, launch dates, market capitalizations, and circulation figures. Leveraging this data, we created a script that facilitated the export of the information to InDesign via XML/XSLT. This innovative approach allowed us to automate the creation of profile pages, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the process.

Semi-Automated Publishing and Real-Time Data Updates:

The integration of the custom database and API scripting enabled us to achieve semi-automated publishing in InDesign. By pulling the latest cryptocurrency data from the APIs, we ensured that the profile pages were up-to-date and reflected the most current information before going to print. This dynamic approach eliminated the need for manual data entry and allowed us to provide readers with the latest insights into each cryptocurrency.

Collaborative Content Creation:

To provide comprehensive reviews of each cryptocurrency, we engaged external copywriters who possessed a deep understanding of the subject matter. Their expertise and insights were instrumental in conveying the unique concepts and features of the cryptocurrencies. Our team worked closely with the copywriters to ensure the seamless integration of their content into the profile pages, resulting in a cohesive and informative reading experience.

Streamlined Communication and Sponsoring Management:

To streamline communication and manage sponsorships effectively, we implemented a custom internal solution. This solution facilitated efficient communication between all stakeholders involved in the project, including Normal Books, sponsors, and the 1XN team. By centralizing communication and sponsorship acquisition processes, we ensured smooth coordination and enhanced project management.

For the final print production, we selected the highest quality offset printer in Germany, Berlin. This decision upheld the commitment to delivering a premium reading experience to the audience. The printed catalogs were then distributed worldwide through Gazelle, a renowned distribution company based in the UK. The collaboration with Gazelle allowed for global accessibility, ensuring that readers from various regions could easily obtain copies of the catalog.


Through our comprehensive expertise in editorial design, API scripting, database modeling, and project management, 1XN successfully collaborated with Normal Books in creating “The Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies.” By implementing a custom database solution and leveraging API integrations, we achieved seamless automation and real-time data updates, resulting in accurate and up-to-date profile pages. The collaborative efforts with external copywriters ensured informative and engaging reviews, while our streamlined communication and sponsoring management solution enhanced project coordination. The meticulous print production and distribution process further solidified the catalog’s quality. Together, 1XN and Normal Books created a distinguished publication that serves as a valuable resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, critics, and potential users seeking a deeper understanding of the crypto-maze.

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