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A custom elegant wordpress homepage for the cellist Claudio Bohórquez.
A multilingual wordpress solution with Event management, back-office for documents, calendar and notes, news, discography and more.
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Claudio Bohórquez, a highly sought-after German-born cellist of Peruvian-Uruguayan descent, has achieved remarkable success in his field. Mentored by Boris Pergamenschikow, Claudio garnered recognition through international competitions such as the Tschaikowsky Youth Competition in Moscow and the Rostropovich Cello Competition in Paris. He has performed with renowned orchestras and worked with esteemed conductors, making a name for himself as a soloist and chamber musician. Since 2003 he is a professor at the Hanns Eichler School in Berlin.

Client Requirements:

Claudio Bohórquez sought to establish an official website to showcase his musical accomplishments, engage with his audience, and provide essential information about his performances, teachings and recordings. The website needed to be multilingual (German/English), feature an events calendar, a discography section, news updates, and a media gallery. Additionally, the client required a back-office solution for efficient project management of the website.


1XN collaborated with Claudio Bohórquez to create an official website that catered to his requirements. Leveraging WordPress as the content management system, we developed a user-friendly and feature-rich website.

Website Features:

Home Page: We designed a visually captivating homepage that showcased Claudio Bohórquez’s artistic persona. The page included a brief introduction, capturing the essence of his musical journey and accomplishments, and featured prominent calls-to-action to navigate visitors to key sections of the website.

Events Calendar: We integrated an events calendar feature to showcase Claudio’s upcoming performances, festival appearances, and other musical engagements. Visitors could access event details, dates, venues, and ticket information, ensuring they stay informed about his schedule.

Discography: A dedicated discography section was created to highlight Claudio’s extensive recordings. This section provided a comprehensive list of his albums, collaborations, and notable tracks, enabling visitors to explore and purchase his music.

Multilingual Support: To cater to Claudio Bohórquez’s diverse audience, the website was designed to support both German and English languages. Visitors could easily switch between languages, ensuring an inclusive user experience.

News and Updates: We incorporated a news section to keep fans and followers informed about Claudio’s latest activities, announcements, and achievements. This section aimed to foster engagement and maintain a connection with his audience.

Media Gallery: A visually engaging media gallery showcased Claudio’s performances, concerts, and collaborations through high-quality images and videos. This section allowed visitors to immerse themselves in his musical world and experience his artistry.

Back-office with NextCloud: To facilitate efficient project management of the website, we implemented a back-office solution using NextCloud. This allowed Claudio Bohórquez and his team to handle content updates, file sharing, and collaboration seamlessly.


The collaboration between Claudio Bohórquez and 1XN resulted in the creation of a dynamic and user-friendly website that effectively represented his musical achievements. The website served as a centralized platform for fans, music enthusiasts, and industry professionals to explore Claudio’s discography, stay updated with his performances, and engage with his news and media content. The inclusion of a multilingual interface, alongside the events calendar and media gallery, enhanced the overall user experience and facilitated a deeper connection with the artist.


1XN, in partnership with Claudio Bohórquez, successfully developed a WordPress website that met his requirements as a cellist and professor. The website showcased Claudio’s talent, accomplishments, and ongoing projects while providing a seamless user experience. The integration of features like the events calendar, discography section, news updates, and media gallery added value to the website, enabling Claudio to engage with his audience effectively. The implementation of a NextCloud back-office solution ensured efficient project management and streamlined content updates. Overall, the website served as an essential tool for Claudio Bohórquez to connect with his audience and share his passion for music.

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