hypermedia development & design since 2005

Editorial, Web, Interactive, Audiovisual.

Selected Projects
  • A MAZE. / Berlin
    2019 – 2022

    Web Design & Programming

    A MAZE. is an international festival focusing on arthouse games and playful media. The festival runs on static generated websites built on Hugo from the inhouse Awards System Database. Web design is in collaboration with F.U.K. Berlin.
  • PatchXR
    2019 – 2022

    Web Design & Programming

    PatchXR develops a native VR creative environment that lets you build brand new instruments and play electronic music in the metaverse. We built the website with Hugo generating the pages and Forestry CMS for content editing.
  • Age of Economics
    2019 – 2022

    Web Design & Programming

    The core concept of Age of Economics is to gain the insights from as diverse a group of thinkers as possible about economics and global capitalist civilization. The website is built on Hugo and uses Forestry as a CMS to edit the content.
  • Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies
    2018 – 2019

    Cover Design, Layout automated with inDesign XML processing

    The book features a catalog of the top cryptocurrencies, the layout was semiautomated with all data coming from a database built in Filemaker and exported via XML/XSLT.
  • Bleepstreet Records
    2007 – 2015

    Art Direction, Web Design & Programming

    Bleepstreet is a record label focused in releasing chiptune and vintage computer techno sounds. Website is running Wordpress with a custom theme.

Internal focus is Editorial Automation and text processing for Digital & Print publications, graphic design and full-stack Web development.


You can write us at: hola@1XN.org or get in touch via Github / Twitter