With over 20 years of experience our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide a diverse range of services, from automated editorial design to interactive and audio-visual web productions.

Creative Development and Web Design

About us

1XN is based on the idea of one (1) input and multiple outputs (N), which reflects the studio's multidisciplinary approach to design and development.

At 1XN, We are committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology to provide our clients with solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and impactful.


Comprehensive offline and online solutions from our studio

Customized solutions for your needs, from automated editorial design to interactive and audio-visual productions to custom software development.

Web Design & Development

Editorial Design

Generative Art

Our values

Core Values at 1XN: Embracing Creativity and Transparency

Imagine the Impossible:

We believe in thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, using creativity and technical skills to bring innovative solutions to life.

Collaboration is Key:

We value teamwork and collaboration, working closely with clients and partners to create solutions that exceed their expectations.

Celebrate Creativity:

We celebrate creativity in all its forms, embracing new ideas and unconventional thinking to bring fresh perspectives to my work.

Embrace Challenges:

We thrive on challenges, tackling complex problems with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude, and finding joy in the process of problem-solving.

Have Fun:

We believe in having fun while we work, infusing our projects with a sense of playfulness and joy that inspires us to do our best work.


At 1XN, we believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it ourselves through innovative design and development.

Daniel Juan
Founder, 1XN