A MAZE. / Berlin 2022

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A MAZE. / Berlin 2022's Innovative World of Playful Media - The Web Experience.
From designing the website with HUGO and incorporating graphics from FUK Berlin to showcasing over 170+ entries from the Festival Drupal award submission database, our team handled every aspect of the festival's digital web presence.
Web Design
Web development
CMS Management

We were thrilled to be entrusted for the third year running with creating the website for A MAZE. / Berlin 2022, an esteemed international festival for playful media and arthouse video games. Using the lightning-fast HUGO static site generator, we developed a unique and dynamic web style that perfectly captured the festival’s essence. The website’s graphics were expertly handled by FUK Berlin, who skillfully complemented our design philosophy. To showcase the over 170+ entries, we pulled data from the Festival Drupal award submission database to automatically generate all the content on the web pages.

We went above and beyond in creating an immersive experience for A MAZE. / Berlin 2022 by integrating Twitch video streaming on the website for the festival’s live stream. We also included a live chat from Discord, allowing attendees to engage in real-time conversations.

With our CMS management, we ensured that the website was a breeze to update, enabling the A MAZE. team to manage their content seamlessly. We deployed the website to Netlify with Github as the repository, ensuring optimal speed and reliability. Our web design and development expertise shone through, resulting in a spectacular website that effectively showcased the festival’s innovative and creative spirit.

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Thorsten S. Wiedemann

Founder and CEO

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