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An innovative approach to immersive music creation.
1XN was entrusted with the development of PatchXR's website using the Hugo framework. Our team worked diligently to ensure a consistent and user-friendly website experience that aligned with PatchXR's brand identity. By leveraging the capabilities of Hugo, we created a fast-loading and secure website that effectively conveyed PatchXR's mission, products, and community offerings.
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Through our collaboration with PatchXR, we successfully developed a visually captivating and informative website that reflected the essence of PatchXR’s vision. The integration of Hugo and the headless CMS empowered PatchXR to maintain a dynamic online presence, engaging their community and sharing updates effortlessly. By showcasing PatchWorld and their innovative approach to immersive music creation, the website served as a gateway for users to explore and join the vibrant PatchXR community in the metaverse.

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